History of Little Lambs at Christ Church Cranbrook

Little Lambs at Christ Church Cranbrook opened its doors in August, 2003.  Our school was the shared vision of Dr. Marcee Martin and Father Edward Mullins, the rector of Christ Church Cranbrook from 1996-2009.  One of Father Ed’s goals for his ministry at CCC was the establishment of a day school that would provide a needed service to the surrounding community while also providing young families with an opportunity to become involved in a church community. 

Marcee Martin, EDD was raised at Christ Church Cranbrook. She began her career as a kindergarten teacher, eventually becoming a principal and ultimately Superintendent of Ferndale Schools.  Marcee opened Little Lambs in 2003 following her retirement from Ferndale Schools.  She volunteered her time, working 50 hours per week for 2 years to launch Little Lambs.  Little Lambs opened its doors with only 4 students.  When Marcee retired, Little Lambs had a waiting list of interested families and over 80 enrolled students.  At a ceremony honoring Marcee for her contributions, Father Ed stated that Marcee Martin had “given the greatest gift one could give to their parish.”  Although she continues to advise our Board of Directors, Marcee now resides in Evergreen, Colorado, where she and her husband, Art, are delighted to be closer to their two grown children and their respective spouses.  Marcee is currently Executive Director of the University of Denver's Early Learning Center, where she is actively involved in training the next generation of early childhood educators.

Thanks to the vision of Marcee Martin and Father Ed, Little Lambs has always had the values of being a family-friendly program that provides individualized care for all of our students.  Little Lambs at Christ Church Cranbrook welcomes children of all faiths, denominations and ethnic backgrounds with open arms.