Celebrating 11 years of excellence in 2015!

When it's time to return to work - or you just need some time to yourself - you can count on Little Lambs at Christ Church Cranbrook to care for your little one. With a history of providing quality child care, Little Lambs is committed to seeing that every child in our care is lovingly embraced and nurtured in a way that is responsive to his or her unique pattens of development from infancy through preschool years.

Safe Environment

At Little Lambs you will discover a safe and inviting family setting in which your child aged six weeks through five years of age can thrive. Our staff is first-rate, with years of experience and a passion for caring for children. Unlike other child care centers, Little Lambs offers flexible programming weekdays, 52 weeks a year. That means you can define your own childcare plan. Based upon daily space available, child care schedules can be changed to meet your family's changing needs.

Photos courtesy of Ed Mullins.
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